The movie/web series/music blog part 2

There’s really no excuse for writing after 4 months. None really. It is shameful. But there’s a lot going on at the moment on the personal and professional fronts, and most of the time, I am in the “happy busy” state that I like to be in, which is a rare blessing.

I’ve been wanting to write about the movie ‘Flipped’ for quite a while now. I fell in love with the movie and some of its dialogues the first time I saw it, about 2 years ago. But I have been thinking more and more about it since I moved to Pune. There’s a beautiful tree blossoming with sunset coloured flowers right outside my balcony here. And every time I look at it, I remember the sycamore tree from the movie which Juli falls in love with. I also think about her father’s line in the film – “A painting is much more than the sum of its parts. ” I commute daily to work; its a way of life that I always dreaded and never thought would follow. Its a sheer waste of time, and it drains all energy out of me. But when I am at my lowest, cursing the traffic, cursing the pollution, questioning myself over and over again as to why I’m here and what exactly am I doing, thinking of the pretty lane lined up with trees that leads to my parents’ house with a tear in my eye, that’s when my ‘its gonna get better’ spirit reminds me of this beautiful tree outside my home. It is my sycamore tree. The fresh air around it, the hills in its backdrop, the green bushes lining up to it, and the tree itself; that is what I need to focus on. The good stuff, the beautiful stuff in my life 🙂

Do watch the movie if you haven’t. You might just see yourself in Juli Baker, or relate to the friendship that Bryce and Juli share.

Moving to my favourite series – Permanent Roommates. The best thing about this show, apart from the humour and brilliant cast, is the progressive storyline. I might as well call it a show that’s well ahead of its time, because I believe most people (including many who watch it) might not be able to fully appreciate the relationship Mikesh shares with Tanya’s dad, or the camaraderie between Tanya and her in-laws, the friendship between the two father in laws, the parents’ acceptance of the live-in relationship, and later of the child, how the cabbie/house agent is treated like a part of the family, how the pressure from relatives to have a grand wedding is resisted, and so much more – we’re just not there yet. Our regressive population is far, very far from it.

Lastly, I’ve been listening to Counting Stars from One Republic on a loop since a few days. Can’t believe I had not heard this one before. You know how they show in Bollywood movies, the hero falling backwards in a pool when he’s in love… I always thought I needed to find a song that makes me wanna do that 😛 Well I’ve found it. This is the one. For now at least 🙂

Cheers! and more from me soon…