My fountain of joy

It was love at first sight;

And I realised this expression was true;

That fountain of joy; when it danced

Like the sky had suddenly enhanced

And everything around was new.

I was innocently being questioned

How could there have been anything to rue?

The magic it created

As the sounds and lights romanced;

The water splashed audaciously;

I felt my heart

Beating to the rhythm cautiously;

Before my soul abandoned itself


The dazzling fountain

Cascading in its bold beauty;

Tore off the last trace of inhibition

My spirit rose higher, and higher

Reveling in the joy of this creation.

5 years ago, I stood in front of the fountains at the Dubai mall with my mouth open and eyes filled with wonder. This post has been long, long overdue. Someday, I will go there again. 


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