Update your fairy tale, baby!

There is a scene in the movie ‘Friends with benefits’ where Patricia Clarkson, who plays mum to Mila Kunis, gives her a grand advice – to update her fairy tale. “Your prince charming(PC) isn’t coming to rescue you in a horse and carriage, that’s not who you are. You’re looking for a man to be your partner.” Very inspiring and forthcoming. Makes me wanna do a ‘I can take on the whole world and beat it’ kind of punch in the air. Then I think, oh wait a minute… Occasionally, I can still ask my PC a few things when I’m in doubt right? I mean I do want to know what he thinks before I take an important decision. And sometimes, erm…I want to leave the decision making to him entirely. Yes, I could be quite guilty of that 🙂

But I’ve been happily married 4 years now. So what was the update then, in my fairy tale, I ask myself. The answer comes to me very simply. I was looking for a pal, and that is what my PC is. If I’ve got to be rescued, he will rescue me, cause best friends bail each other out all the time. “I’ve got your back”, is basically what my guy says in my fairy tale.

The update therefore, might also be the fact that we all have our own fairy tales, or at least our own versions of it. The update is most definitely that every girl is entitled to have her own fairy tale. There is no point in anyone else forcing their versions on her. The PC fairy tale is likely to vary too, numerous times in some cases. Never in some. Again, please live with it. Like they say, girls have cleaner minds than men cause they change them so often!

Oh by the way, just occasionally, I might also like PC to open the door and pull the chair for me (are you reading Mr. A? :P). Cause well, I like my man to be chivalrous. And surely being chivalrous, no matter how old fashioned, is way different from treating a woman like she’s puny. I am just looking for some good manners, really. If my man is charming and looks like a prince, that’s just bonus. The horse, that I am pretty sure I don’t need. I have a weak spine, anyway 😛


Happy New Year…

What happened in 2015

JAN – The girl had recently got a new phone and clicked pictures all through the home party on the last night of 2014, happily Instagram-ed the pics with funky hashtags and shared them on the first morning of 2015. The girl also found herself falling for Salman as host of Big Boss 8.

MAR – The girl felt happy as a kitten on her niece’s first birthday, and had a wonderful time at the kids’ party.

APR – A lovely trip home to Delhi for Mum’s birthday. The most gorgeous strawberry cheesecake was gulped down and everything was warm, cozy and happy.

MAY – The girl and boy both celebrated their birthdays with family. Pampered themselves to a short stay at the Marriott.

JUN – JUL – Rains were never my thing. Grouchy throughout. Boy decided to quit job.

AUG – The girl and boy went on a dream trip with friends to the beach on the night of the boy’s last working day.

SEP – Boy moved to another city. The girl moved in with her parents and prayed for her notice period to get over quickly so she could join him. Meanwhile, she had a blast at home 😉 – mum took care of everything, and all the girl had to do was party – one farewell party after another.

OCT – Panic set in, as the girl’s last day at work got closer. The job had become part of her identity and the colleagues had become like family. Leaving home was scary.

NOV – The girl moved to the new city too, where the boy was. She left her hometown for the first time in her life. Life changed. More panic.

DEC – The girl started gaining some foothold in the new house and city. Shops, roads, restaurants, neighbours, got a bit more familiar. Family visited, so did a few friends. Made her feel more confident. Work trickled in, although very slowly. But at least she was doing what she loved the most – writing :). Girl fell in love with Salman all over again as host of Big Boss 9 😉

For me, 2015 will always be the year of change. It will be the year when the boy and girl were really brave – they took bold decisions, they stuck to what they truly believed in, and they moved on. It will be the year when the boy found peace, and the girl was able to find peace in the fact that the boy had found peace.

For all the changes braved in 2015, for all the unsettling, settling and resettling, and starting from scratch, for all the health issues in the family, for all the time spent away from dearest friends, 2016 better compensate and behave itself!

Cheers to a rocking new year!