Today is a special day

I wanted to play doll doll

But you taught me cricket

I was a really bad student

But you seldom took my wicket.

I grew up watching you brother

Until I realised

Like you, there could be no other

Sometimes you were my friend

Sometimes my father.

When you got married

I knew I would miss you a tad

But you proved me wrong there too

Got me a sister I never had.

You two are so special

Your bond created a miracle

I couldn’t thank you enough

When with all her chutzpah

Came Kaira!

After 10 beautiful years of marriage

Dear bhai may you always be

The prince who charmed bhabhi and Kaira

Swept them off their feet in a horse carriage.

I raise a toast to your friendship

Cheers to your companionship

The world is blessed to see

The love in this family

The names in our prayers, today and always,

Kaira, Tanmay and Silvi.










  1. Nush · December 9, 2015

    That’s a sweet one!


  2. jazzy · December 11, 2015

    hmm what shall I call you now


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