Spare me the horror!

There is a theme

Oh yes there is

They are all against me

Plotting a scheme.

And they just won’t give up

Till I yell and scream.


Why else would it be

So difficult to understand

I just need to activate my SIM

Mr. call centre Ji.

I’ve submitted all documents

Can’t you see?


I’ve called you up 10 times by now

But your record still says

The SIM belongs to Ram Bhau!

Dude, it really doesn’t make me go WOW!


Surely the cabbie

Is in this too

My humble pickup point

Can be found by a baby

But the landmarks are not good enough

And he won’t use his 3G!

Suddenly the very helpful app shows

Your booking is canceled

How about I deliver a punch on your nose?

As if I asked you to find the crows!


“The cheque issued is dishonoured”

I am told very solemnly

“Your signature is wrong ma’m”

That’s how I am cornered

“It doesn’t match our records”

And I surrendered.


Rushed to verify the records at the bank

Who cares if the signature was the same

They still confer on themselves the no. 1 rank

“Don’t behave as if the titanic sank”


Glitzy online shopping

Is yet another gamble

Same day delivery

Is always their preamble.

When questioned on being late

‘5-7 working days at least’ they mumble.


It doesn’t matter that I needed the dress

On a specific day for a specific reason

You can hardly call this a mess

If you do, you’re just being a pest!


Efficiency is out of fashion

Avail any service with caution

This is not issued in public interest

But only ’cause my patience has been put to test!



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