A kind word;

A hesitant smile

From that stranger on the road

After just a little while.


Did he merely tolerate?

Or was it something more?

I can never be too sure

But it was better than before.


‘Cause it was then that I realised

There was goodness in me too

A reflection of what I had received

Just before we bid adieu.


The colour of his skin I did not notice

His name I did not seek

The symbol on his tattoo meant nothing

Intolerance; it did not reek.


I had lost my way

Not just on that lane

I was unable to reason

My fundamentals gone down the drain.


Perhaps I appeared fragile to him

Which is why he extended his hand

It made me stronger to accept;

I could then stand.


I decided not to discriminate

I decided not to merely tolerate

I understood the need of the hour

Was to appreciate;

The beauty of our differences

And the story of our journeys

To let go of the hatred

Like the smoke that went up our chimneys.


I will no longer question his Gods

I vow and the sun shines bright

‘Cause as they say

I have loved the stars too fondly; to be fearful of the night.



  1. swati sharma · December 8, 2015

    Touched my soul…simply beautiful..


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