What I liked about Tamasha – very late, I know :P

I probably wouldn’t have watched this one in the movie hall had the big brother not been in town. But he happened to be, and we were all set for the movie after a long day of shopping. So here goes –

The name – I’d mostly heard this word being used with a negative connotation, but it was a pleasant surprise to see it used as the title of the movie. In the context of the movie, it was bold and lively, and I am all for sheer abandon; it is something few Chotu ranbir in tamashaof us are able to achieve.

Chotu Ranbir – this little guy Yash Sehgal stole my heart with his smile and curled lips.

Music… ermmm… only a select few songs – Heer to badi sad hai and Wat Wat Wat. Loved ’em both. But I actually thought that the movie had more songs than it really needed.

Deepika’s Chinese act – In the scene just prior to the climax, I loved the Chinese torture dialogue from Deepika. I think she delivered it brilliantly.

Kyun? – I didn’t find the ‘main tumhe mona kahun ya darling’ thing funny, and thought that overall the movie had average dialogues (I know that people have appreciated the dialogues a lot but this is what  I think). But the rat race story that Ranbir tells his family in Shimla was the highlight for me. If only we could ask ourselves a simple ‘why’, would our lives be different?

Climax – As far as I’ve observed, and to the best of my knowledge, few of our storylines in Bollywood revolve around our male actors being grateful or giving credit to our female stars in the movies for their successful careers or even just for being around. I can’t think of any, but I am sure there must be a few. I loved the emotional sashtang dandawat by Ranbir in the final scene and Deepika’s reaction to it. I read a couple of reviews on Tamasha and found a lot of people admiring Ranbir’s performance, but I only liked it in bits and pieces and this bit was definitely the major one. I didn’t quite find the serious office-goer act from him convincing at all.

And finally, what I have always loved about some of Imtiaz Ali’s movies – the fact that despite the ups and downs in a person’s relationships, life moves on. It has to. If Deepika is shaken, depressed, heartbroken, post her break up in the film, she still manages to pursue her career. In fact she is shown attending an overseas conference, even though she might not have her heart and soul into it. Even in Love Aaj Kal, both Saif and Deepika were shown working hard and trying their best to carry on with their lives while they were struggling on their personal front. Jab We Met had Kareena working as a teacher to support herself and find peace, while she recovered from a broken heart. So unless it is an intense movie like Rockstar, we no longer have people dying etc. and life doesn’t come to a standstill if things don’t work out the way we wanted them to. Even in Rockstar, Ranbir is shown continuing with his performance in the end, albeit shattered. My all time most favourite darlingest line from the book I have read over 10 times – There’s no such thing as ruining your life. Life’s a pretty resilient thing, it turns out.

Over and out.


Happy birthday daddy!

When people say I am like you

I give them a funny look.

What an obvious thing to say to me

What a long, long time it took.

Of course I am your shadow dear daddy

Isn’t the river always followed by the brook?

You and me together always

Hand in hand, sitting by our nook

That is the feeling I will always guard

To you I will always be hooked.

Happy birthday to you!

My moon


How subtle is your glow

How soft your charm

When the clouds darken

You are still and calm

How effortless it is

To gaze at you

You appear unarmed

And yet remain unharmed

Is there really a flaw

In your silver shimmer

Or is it the beholder

Who is the sinner?



Nitu and Bablu

So Aditya Chopra and Rani Mukherjee named their daughter Adira, which I think, has a nice sound to it. This piece of news in the morning papers got me thinking on the importance of names, especially in India. People spend considerable time these days on choosing names for their children, a lot of thought and foresight goes into it, and in some cultures there is a whole ceremony attached to the naming of a child. Very cool! And before you know it, you also have a nickname. Yes, we love being cute, don’t we?

Like there’s my name, which anyone would know is impossible to shorten, because then it wouldn’t even be a name, just a sound! But even apart from the endearing names (sigh!) that the elders bestowed on me –  Tinu, Chotu, Chintu, Chakdi, etc. – some of my friends too managed to find a nick. My school gang call me Nits. To be honest, it is difficult to even pronounce that, but there it is. One of my ex bosses who has an Australian accent also preferred ‘Nitzzz’ to sweet and simple Niti. Some of my college gang went one step ahead to turn ‘Nits’ into ‘Nuts’, and let’s not go into the reasoning behind it. They weren’t happy with it for too long, so one of them decided to desi-fy it: nuts = peanuts = mungfali. And that stuck with me. One of the others who was a fan of Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers like me, thought I was very much like Ms. Potts and I will never tell you the name that was derived from it for me.

There are so many of us who are Cheekus and Babloos and Pinkies and Gudiyas when we are kids, and then those become our names, and the ones on the birth certificate are forgotten. Sometimes people stare at us in surprise when we tell them hesitantly, “Erm…auntyj… actually my name is Nisha, ‘Nonu’ toh sirf pyaar se bulaate hai”, and Auntyji, after recovering from the initial shock goes, “Arey beta, sabko pyaar se hi bulana chahiye”. Beat that. Someone very dear to me is Babloo, and then everyone has their own variation for it. Bubbly and Bubbles. The cousin who wants to keep it cool with ‘Bob’. Cute.

My best friend has a very pretty name. But I swear to God, I don’t remember why I call her Bums or Bumsie, but I am sure there is a very valid story behind it. And then another friend, whose name was shortened to ‘Aloo’, but went on to be called ‘Bataku’ and ‘Bataki’ and even ‘Bataks’, which sounds like… never mind 😛

Believe it or not, there are some who prefer the nicknames to the originals. Like Suyash Sharad Pandey became Chunky Pandey. Such stuff happens, don’t ask why. Maybe Shahrukh Khan has an affectionate nickname amongst his close ones, but imagine if the leading lady in one of his movies, where he is named ‘Raj’, calls him ‘Rajoo’ while romancing him! That he did a ‘Raju ban gaya gentleman’, is a different matter altogether. I am quite certain Mogambo’s mum didn’t name him that either, and must have turned in her grave every time the guy went ‘Mogambo Khush Hua’! But look at the effect the name had, it was such an integral part of the film’s USP. And I can never forget the scene in Hum Tum when Kirron Kher asks Rishi Kapoor to call her Bobby as it is her ‘pat name’ (Kirron Kher’s acting brilliance and my love for her deserves a separate blog).

So the next time you’re looking up names, would be a good idea to also think of potential nicknames. You never know which one you might like better 😉

Today is a special day

I wanted to play doll doll

But you taught me cricket

I was a really bad student

But you seldom took my wicket.

I grew up watching you brother

Until I realised

Like you, there could be no other

Sometimes you were my friend

Sometimes my father.

When you got married

I knew I would miss you a tad

But you proved me wrong there too

Got me a sister I never had.

You two are so special

Your bond created a miracle

I couldn’t thank you enough

When with all her chutzpah

Came Kaira!

After 10 beautiful years of marriage

Dear bhai may you always be

The prince who charmed bhabhi and Kaira

Swept them off their feet in a horse carriage.

I raise a toast to your friendship

Cheers to your companionship

The world is blessed to see

The love in this family

The names in our prayers, today and always,

Kaira, Tanmay and Silvi.








Spare me the horror!

There is a theme

Oh yes there is

They are all against me

Plotting a scheme.

And they just won’t give up

Till I yell and scream.


Why else would it be

So difficult to understand

I just need to activate my SIM

Mr. call centre Ji.

I’ve submitted all documents

Can’t you see?


I’ve called you up 10 times by now

But your record still says

The SIM belongs to Ram Bhau!

Dude, it really doesn’t make me go WOW!


Surely the cabbie

Is in this too

My humble pickup point

Can be found by a baby

But the landmarks are not good enough

And he won’t use his 3G!

Suddenly the very helpful app shows

Your booking is canceled

How about I deliver a punch on your nose?

As if I asked you to find the crows!


“The cheque issued is dishonoured”

I am told very solemnly

“Your signature is wrong ma’m”

That’s how I am cornered

“It doesn’t match our records”

And I surrendered.


Rushed to verify the records at the bank

Who cares if the signature was the same

They still confer on themselves the no. 1 rank

“Don’t behave as if the titanic sank”


Glitzy online shopping

Is yet another gamble

Same day delivery

Is always their preamble.

When questioned on being late

‘5-7 working days at least’ they mumble.


It doesn’t matter that I needed the dress

On a specific day for a specific reason

You can hardly call this a mess

If you do, you’re just being a pest!


Efficiency is out of fashion

Avail any service with caution

This is not issued in public interest

But only ’cause my patience has been put to test!



A kind word;

A hesitant smile

From that stranger on the road

After just a little while.


Did he merely tolerate?

Or was it something more?

I can never be too sure

But it was better than before.


‘Cause it was then that I realised

There was goodness in me too

A reflection of what I had received

Just before we bid adieu.


The colour of his skin I did not notice

His name I did not seek

The symbol on his tattoo meant nothing

Intolerance; it did not reek.


I had lost my way

Not just on that lane

I was unable to reason

My fundamentals gone down the drain.


Perhaps I appeared fragile to him

Which is why he extended his hand

It made me stronger to accept;

I could then stand.


I decided not to discriminate

I decided not to merely tolerate

I understood the need of the hour

Was to appreciate;

The beauty of our differences

And the story of our journeys

To let go of the hatred

Like the smoke that went up our chimneys.


I will no longer question his Gods

I vow and the sun shines bright

‘Cause as they say

I have loved the stars too fondly; to be fearful of the night.

My life I hear


The sound of the door bell

As it chimes where I dwell

A song of hope I hear

It brings home someone dear.


The waves that shape the shore

Splash melodies galore

As my eyes absorb the infinity

My feet tap

To the rhythm of divinity.


The chant of om

On my lips and inebriated I roam

As a symphony of understanding fills my soul

To be compassionate with integrity is the ultimate goal.


The voice of an angel

Nurtures and enhances my potential

She blesses me even without words

The lord sent my ma

To be my shepherd.


I witness music all around.

I am incomplete without these sounds.