My first post!

I have been putting this off since yesterday… I wanted my first post on my brand new eighties template based blog to be striking! So I thought and thought… and thought some more..  but ‘striking’ only brought images of kohl lined eyes, Chinese lamps and Arnab Goswami’s newshour. None of this inspired me enough to write. I only kept thinking of so much more that I could include in the ‘about me’ section of my profile and how 1200 characters was just way too less to accommodate stuff about moi.

Hence this is a not so striking post, just some family news to start off.

We are expecting a little baby in the family soon 🙂 My brother is going to become a dad! I am the one younger to him, but I always picture him as the kid who asked me to convince our mum to let him play cricket or fly kites or go for a party.  This is true, he really did. And boy, is his kid going to give him back or what!

I look quite a bit like my dad’s sister so I assume my brother’s kid would be like me. But even if it isn’t, that’s OK.

I’d like to click pics of the baby, and snuggle next to it. I’d like to hug the baby and touch its cheeks… yes I’d like that very much.

The first baby in the house after me… I think I love it already. We are waiting for you sweetheart, you will bring the sunshine to the family… my little sunflower. I love you.


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